Pod Sealants

Pod Sealants are polymer and surfactant blends designed to prevent pod shatter in oilseed rape crops.

The use of a pod sealant at growth stage 80, the pod’s ‘green and bendy’ stage, will protect against shatter for up to 60 days, protecting yield and reducing oilseed rape volunteers in the following crop.
Pod sealants may also be applied later, in combination with desiccants.

Pod Sealant

Why pod shatter occurs

Pod shatter (dehiscence) is caused by metabolic changes during ripening and drying. Moisture collecting around the pod seam in wet weather causes the ripe seed pods to swell, then contract when the pod dries out, leading to brittle pods. The mature pods open under pressure, particularly during heavy rain or hailstorms. As seed pods ripen from the base of the plant, these are the first to shatter, often before the rest of the crop has ripened.

Controlling pod shatter

Pod sealants coat the pod and increases its physical strength, without impairing the natural drying process or affecting seed maturity or quality Independent UK trials show a three-year (2016-8) average yield increase of 12% against untreated control, as well as a pod shatter reduction of 13%.


Controlling pod shatter

Controlling pod shatter

Arrest P Advanced formula pod sealant for use on Oilseed Rape Beans and Soya

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