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Water Conditioners
Increasing the effectiveness of pesticides

As market leaders in this sector Intracrop produce a range of water conditioners to meet every need

Many pesticides are very susceptible to the quality of the water they are sprayed in. Water which is hard or with high pH can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of pesticides. Water conditioners effectively reduce the pH, neutralise the cations in hard water and buffer the solution allowing all the active ingredient to remain active without losses. . Applying hard water sensitive pesticides in untreated spray water can result in losses of effective pesticide activity of up to 30%.

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The Benefits

  • Improved efficacy
  • Highly cost effective
  • Prevents “lock-up” in hard water
  • Improved pesticide uptake
  • Reduces breakdown of expensive pesticides
  • Improves tank mix compatibility
Agricultural Crop Spraying Water Conditioners