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Crop Nutrients
Improving Yield, Growth & Health of Crops

There is an increased interest in the role of bio-stimulants and foliar applied nutrients in increasing both yield and quality aspects of production as farmers endeavour to maximise on every aspect of the crop's potential.

The Benefits

  • Rapid Action
  • Improved yields
  • Cost effective
  • Improved quality
  • Faster crop establishment
  • Highly compatible

Intracrop have developed an innovative range of crop nutrients designed to meet the needs of farmers and growers.

Intracrop have a long pedigree in producing crop nutrients and using knowledge acquired in 40 years of adjuvant development we have developed a range with the following qualities:

  • Rapid uptake giving quick availability to the crop
  • Fast dispersion in the spraytank with no blocked nozzles
  • High level of crop safety
  • Good compatibility with a wide range of pesticides and other nutrients

Our class leading formulations, many of which are protected by patents, contain mixtures of all the key elements. Our high load formulations build on the above benefits by offering added convenience and a reduction in storage, transport and packaging.

Phosphites are now recognised as playing a major role in optimising crop development. Intracrop's range of products include phosphite based seed treatments and foliar applied products.

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Crop nutrients