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Crop Markers & Anti-Foam
Marker Foam, Blue Spray Indicator & Anti-Foam

Intracrop supply a range of products to improve the efficiency of the spraying process

Intracrop No-Foam

Intracrop No-Foam is a superior concentration of de-foaming agents formulated to give fast, effective and economical control of of foaming during spray tank filling. Some products or tank mixtures are notorious for producing foam in the tank at the time of filling. Foaming can considerably slow down the filling process, lead to loss of product and leave residues on the tank walls.

Intracrop Magic Marker

Intracrop Magic Marker is a marker foam for use as a bout marker with field crop sprayers enabling spray operators to match up swaths with greater accuracy thus avoiding waste but more importantly avoiding costly misses or overlaps which may cause crop damage

Intracrop Blue Spray Indicator

A blue marker dye for use with agrochemicals and nutrients which can be used in situations where it is difficult to define where a treatment has been applied. This can avoid costly missed strips or overlaps which may cause damage, Intracrop No-Foam can eliminate these problems.

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The Benefits

  • Improved speed of action
  • Improving efficacy of the Agrochemical
  • Improved rainfastness
  • Improved coverage of the leaf
  • Improved penetration into the plant
  • Control of larger weeds
  • Improved crop safety