Experts in adjuvants and plant nutrition

Specialist Products for the Amenity market

Intracrop provide expert knowledge & experience in supplying the right, environmental & ecological, weed control treatments for Council Highways, Parks, Golf Courses and more

Intracrop produce a range of adjuvants, water conditioners, drift control products and markers that have been developed to answer the needs of amenity contractors and groundsmen.

The innovative range of products have been developed to maximise the activity of herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators and insecticides and to ensure that every drop is used to best effect.

All of our products have undergone comprehensive research and development and the recommendations produced are backed by GLP trials conducted by independent trials organisations. All products are designed to produce a strong economic benefit.

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Amenity additive adjuvants, water conditioners, anti-foamer and anti-drift for weed spraying roads, highways, parks